Seedly Personal Finance Festival

What is it ____
Seedly host Singapore's biggest personal finance festival on a yearly basis. The event aims to provide a platform for individuals to learn, connect, and take charge of their personal finances. We support Seedly by providing them a landing page where audience can easily see the lists of speakers and agendas for the event.
Advance CMS
Custom Javascript

In our latest endeavor for PFF 2023, we've introduced subtle yet impactful animations to each section of the event's digital presence. This strategic choice not only kept the design elegantly simple but also significantly enhanced the user experience through engaging, minor interactions.


A highlight of our work includes developing a CMS-powered speaker profile system, meticulously tailored to bring each expert's persona to the forefront. Furthermore, we customized this CMS to empower the Seedly team, granting them the flexibility to effortlessly create and modify the event agenda.


This is a testament to our commitment to blending creativity with functionality, ensuring every digital experience we craft is both memorable and seamlessly user-centric

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