Mito Health - Healthtech Startup

What is it ____
Singapore's Mito Health is the latest healthcare startup that plans to create personalised health plans for customer with AI. We work with them from stealth to launch and have been providing them with support along the way.
Health Tech
Advance CMS
Custom Lottie
Custom Javascript
Mailchimp Integration

Tackling the complexity of health and medical terminology, we worked alongside the co-founders to craft custom animations in After Effects, subsequently optimizing them with LottieFiles for reduced image sizes and smoother, faster loading.


Our expertise also extended to efficiently managing over 50 CMS items across three types, optimizing each piece of database content to meet specific business requirements. We maximized the CMS capabilities to develop various site features, including a blog, a detailed health biomarker section, and a comprehensive FAQ section.


Additionally, we enhanced site interactivity by integrating custom JavaScript for advanced carousel features and worked on incorporating Mailchimp to boost newsletter sign-ups, further elevating the site's functionality and user engagement.

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"Zhiliang is great to work with, he understand our ideas and have helped us explore ways to achieve our goals. The process has been smooth and changes have been efficient. He's super helpful and accommodating to our various needs as we test out various ideas/services for our startup."