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iSense is on a mission to bring comparability to the flavor industry to ease collaboration, trade and the design of great tasting food. We work together with them to help bring their mission available globally from Switzerland to Singapore.
Food Tech
Custom Code
Custom Javascript

iSense came to us with the challenge of reducing form submission spam, a common hurdle for many of our clients. By implementing a business-email only checker, we not only enhanced the site's functionality but also successfully slashed spam submissions by a remarkable 50%.

Additionally, our expertise in custom JavaScript allowed us to infuse the site with dynamic and custom interactions, elevating the user experience and setting our client apart in the digital landscape.

This is how we blend technical innovation with practical solutions, ensuring that your website is not only visually stunning but also robust and efficient.

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"Precise in the process, creative in the proposals, quick in the execution, and pleasant in the communication. Underscore and Zhiliang delivered our new (great) website seamlessly and under tight timeline. We'll certainly continue the collaboration."