6 Free Webflow Apps to power up your site

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What is Webflow Apps?

If you’re familiar with Wordpress or other website building tools, think of Webflow Apps like plugins. They are third-party created applications that can amplify Webflow’s sites. Webflow Apps covers a wide range of categories — Content Management & Design, Customer Service & Community Engagement, Developer & Security Tools and many more.

Quick Access

You can quickly find and use Webflow apps right within the Webflow Designer. This lets you interact with, add, and change elements on your site in real time, just like how platforms like Wordpress and Shopify work. It's a direct way to add things to your site.

Enhanced Security and Unveiled Permissions

The inherent advantages of Webflow Apps are rooted in two critical domains — Security and Transparency. At present, each novel Webflow App is subject to thorough scrutiny and approval by the Webflow team. Consequently, the integrity of each app is elevated, substantially minimizing the potential for malicious applications. Delving into the aspect of transparency, those responsible for app installation are empowered to meticulously observe and dispense permissions, accompanied by comprehensive elucidations directly within the site's framework. This augmentation offers an enhanced understanding of the intricate data management processes involving third-party providers.

With that said, here are the 5 Webflow Apps that can power up your site

For Marketing - HubSpot

Marketing Webflow App - HubSpot
Image credit: HubSpot

This application presents a seamless bridge between HubSpot and Webflow, facilitating a harmonious integration. You gain the ability to effortlessly embed HubSpot forms into your Webflow setup, as well as establish a reciprocal connection by linking Webflow forms with HubSpot. An additional advantage lies in the provision to seamlessly distribute resources stored in your HubSpot library directly onto your Webflow platform, effectively streamlining the often labor-intensive processes of uploading and synchronization across diverse sites.

A standout feature is the seamless amalgamation of your HubSpot chat bots within the Webflow ecosystem. While it's worth noting that these enhancements aren't conceived by HubSpot itself, they bear the stamp of direct endorsement and certification from HubSpot, ensuring their reliability and compatibility.

For Photos - Unsplash

Unsplash boasts an extensive array of images, available both for commercial use and free licensing. It stands tall as one of the most expansive libraries for license-free images. Through this integration, your experience is elevated—you can seamlessly discover images that can be directly inserted into your Webflow interface, simplifying the process of enhancing your content with visually appealing assets.

For Better SEO - Finsweet Tables

HTML Table Webflow App - Finsweet
Image credit: Finsweet

The absence of HTML tables has been a notable void within Webflow's functionalities. The inclusion of an HTML table bears significance, particularly in terms of potential SEO enhancement.

Enter Finsweet tables—a solution that addresses this gap. Now, seamlessly integrating an HTML table into your site becomes an attainable reality. The exceptional aspect is its user-friendly nature, allowing for effortless data importation through copy-paste or CSV upload. Furthermore, the functionality extends to encompass table customization and styling within the Webflow environment, affording you the capability to tailor the table's appearance to align with your design preferences.

For Automation - IFTTT

Automation Webflow App - IFTTT
Image credit: IFTTT

IFTTT stands as a premier automation tool within the market, effectively linking various apps to streamline processes. The recent addition of an official IFTTT app on Webflow heralds an opportunity to elevate your business productivity. Through this integration, the potential to interconnect prominent applications—ranging from Monday.com to Slack, Mailchimp, and Webflow—becomes a reality. The brilliance of IFTTT lies in its user-friendly approach, aligning seamlessly with the no-code ecosystem of applications and offering a straightforward means to enhance operational efficiency.

For Leads Capturing - Typeform

Image credit: Typeform

Typeform have one of the most beautiful form interface in the market. You can use Typeform to collect leads, grow contact list, gather feedback, and many more. It's unique one question at a time interface makes the overall experience feels more conversational. It is also highly customisable for brands to ensure that the form seamlessly integrates into your website. Best of all, it comes with a free plan!

For Print-On-Demand - Printful

POD Webflow App - Printful
Image Credit: Printful

A vital tool for burgeoning side-hustle entrepreneurs, Printful becomes indispensable when managing print-on-demand merchandise. A prominent player in this domain, Printful adeptly manages the complex interplay of inventory, production, and shipping, allowing you to dedicate your energies to expansion. Their extensive range includes items such as t-shirts and mugs, strategically warehoused in global fulfillment centers to optimize market reach. Do note, however, that this integration mandates a Webflow e-commerce plan for functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webflow Apps?

Webflow Apps are basically plugins on other website platforms such as Wordpress or Shopify. It allows you to leverage on official 3rd-party apps to further power up your Webflow websites.

Do I need to pay to install Webflow apps?

No, most of the Webflow Apps are free to install. However, some of the apps require you to pay a fee to use them.

Are there any 3rd party apps that I can custom install?

No. All Webflow Apps are vetted by the Webflow official team and hence, only verified apps can be use. However, there are APIs that developers can use to build custom tools that are not for public use.

Are there plugins for Webflow?

Yes, they are called Webflow Apps. Some examples of the apps are HubSpot, IFTTT, Printful, Finsweet etc.

Does the apps install across all the sites that I own?

No. However, you can have the option to select which sites you wish to install on the first installation of the app.